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The production plant consists of 5 units:

– line for production of pressed koflin
– line for production of koflin-thermo cotton wool
– stitching of all types of linings and materials
– line for the production of silicone balls
– line for making cardboard boxes

Pressed Koflin

Pressed koflin is made by baking polyester fibers, which serves to replace a sponge in furniture. It has also proven to be a good thermal insulation material that is a parity of stone wool. Height can go from 50mm-120mm in weight from 100g / m2 -5000g / m2 depending on the thickness.


Koflin is a polyester wadding obtained by combing and thermofixing biocomponent and standard polyester fibers. Cotton wool can be of different thicknesses and widths to suit the application. It is produced in the range from 1500mm to 3000mm, with a weight of 50g / m2 to 1000g / m2.

Stitched fabrics

Stitched fabrics are used to make quilts, quilts, pillows, mattresses, clothing fashion items… The color of the background depends on the client’s requirements and it can be one-color, colorful or combined. Depending on the application, it can be one-sided or two-sided. We perform service stitches in the range from 150 cm to 240 cm with the possibility of choosing stitches.

Silicone balls (snowflake)

The product, which is made of hollow fibers, is ideal for filling pillows, plush toys. By adding a thin layer of silicone to the fibers, their softness is achieved. This type of fiber is usually used in quilts, which allows them to be shaped according to the body and isolate it.


Our production of cardboard packaging has a set of machines that can be used to make boxes according to your wishes. Some of the standard products you can find with us are: “American” transport boxes up to 1200mm x 800mm x 1200mm (three-layer, five-layer).